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Summer, 1969, in a small northeast Texas town. A nine year old boy and his six year old brother are playing a board game on the floor of their grandmother's bedroom, cooled by the noisy water fan in the west window. Each player is intent on knocking off the other and circling the board to get his his own four marbles home first. Back and forth the momentum swings. Finally, a lucky string of sixes and a final roll of one on the die and the game is over. Never a good loser, the younger brother upends the game board, leaps to his feet, and bounds out of the room. Marbles roll to every corner of the room. So ends another round of one of the era's most popular games... WA HOO®!!!

Dear Friends,

Hi. My name is Chuck Cox. I am president of Traditional Game & Toy Company. The story above is a true one. I know because I am the nine year old boy who rolled the lucky string of sixes and a one to win the game. This very scene was repeated innumerable times in my childhood. Of course, my brother won just as many games as I did. He just didn't take it very well when he lost.

I'm sure all of us have WA HOO® stories to tell and I never tire of hearing them when customers write in to tell me about them. In fact, that is how Traditional Game & Toy Company was born. While reminiscing with my grandmother one weekend in September of 1991, I asked her if she still had the old WA HOO® board we played with as children. And just as she had done so often some twenty years earlier, she walked to the very same spot, reached behind the very same sofa, and pulled out the very same WA HOO® board that had helped us entertain ourselves so many years before.

What a rush of memories I experienced the moment I saw those familiar figures on that well worn surface! Those were simple pleasures from a simpler time. "Just what we need now.", I thought to myself. In an age of electronic gizmos and computerized everything, what we need is something that will allow friends and families the opportunity to slow down and enjoy some simple pleasures.

That's what I love about WA HOO®. Playing WA HOO® is just old fashion fun! Besides my favorite job as president of Traditional Game & Toy Company, I am a professional software engineer and computer programmer. At the end of the day, the last thing I want to see is a computer game. HA! HA! That's why it's taken me so long to redesign this web site! WA HOO® is the perfect low tech entertainment for me and my family... and I hope it is for you as well.

Best regards,